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About Me

My love of photography began early with my grandfather, Melvin Lockhart. One of my favorite childhood memories is watching his slideshows of family vacations. Every visit to my grandparents' house included a slide show. Now, many people think family slide shows are horribly boring -- but his photos were masterpieces to me. He was so proud of his shots and so excited to tell the stories of each trip. He would also point out and explain to me the things he did well (or wrong) with each photo. Although I didn't know it at the time, he was teaching me how to look at the world around me -- how to frame it and how to tell its stories. I always kidded him that he never took pictures on cloudy days. His pictures were always bright and sunny -- which perfectly reflected his nature. He was always curious, and even into his 90s, he took his camera everywhere he went.

Moving from Illinois to Tennessee in 1995, I was awed by the beautiful surroundings. Now Illinois has beauty, but you have to go out and really look for it! The beauty here in Tennessee is immediately apparent. It's everywhere. I was absolutely taken with this region, the people and the mountains. Discovering the beautiful places here became a passion of mine. What I also discovered was that I loved introducing visitors to what I had found -- but I especially enjoyed sharing what I found with those who had lived in this area all their lives, but had never really explored the natural treasures that have always surrounded them.

My grandfather taught me that photography is storytelling. It's sharing life and beauty with others. My hope is that those who live in or visit this region will be encouraged by my photography to step out and explore, to look a bit closer, and to then share what they find with others.

Thanks for visiting my gallery and for your interest in my photography/story.


My Blog

To learn more about this region and how to find these beautiful locations yourself, visit my Appalachian Treks blog. I guess most people have blogs because they feel they have something to say to the world. For me, this blog is not so much a vehicle to say things, as it is a place for me to show things. More specifically, my purpose is to show the natural treasures of Northeast Tennessee, Western North Carolina, and Southwest Virginia. I hope you like what you see and that you're encouraged to venture out and explore this part of Appalachia for yourself! 



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